Black Caiman XBOX Invitational

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Tournament Rules

Bracket and Check-in

  • Bracket will be linked here.
  • Teams will be assigned at 7PM EST.
  • Check-in is at 7PM EST. Just shoot a message to Black Caiman on XB1 and let me know that you're here and ready to play. 
  • Round 1 starts at 8PM EST.

Before the Match

  • The format is a round robin. Each round consists of one game. The four teams with the most wins at the end of the final round move on to a best of 3 semifinals. The winners of the semifinals will move on to a best of 3 finals.
  • The team listed at the top in the bracket will create the match and send name/password to opposing team.
  • All matches will be played on Beckwith Park (or any other standard map agreed upon by both teams).
  • Team that creates the match will be on the blue team.
  • Matches that will be broadcasted live will be determined before the tournament and listed here. When your match is being broadcasted, I will create the room and lobby and send the invite.

After the Match

  • To report your score, please send a message to Codex Evolution at the end of your game. Include the round, the winning team, and the final score. One member from each team needs to report the score immediately after the game ends.

Prizes/Post Tournament